6 uses for Booster Sets

Booster sets, or water booster pumps, are devices that are used to regulate, stabilise, and maintain the water pressure in any given water system.  Essentially, water booster pumps are used to maintain the pressure in a water system when its controls register decreased pressure and flow rate. These devices can also be used with gasses but are built primarily to maintain fluid pressure.

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3 benefits of Mechanical Pressure Switches

Mechanical pressure switches utilise fluid pressure into a mechanical movement and then convert the pressure into a switch device. The switch is then configured to a specific adjustment to the switch over at the output signal without needing a specific power supply.

Here are 3 definitive benefits of mechanical pressure switches:

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5 tips on how to maintain your fire pump

A fire pump is part of a fire sprinkler system, it maintains equal pressure at each sprinkler head in the system. It’s difficult to know if there is a problem with your sprinkler system as they aren’t run regularly. This is why you need to take the time to maintain and inspect the fire pump.

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